Tips for Planning a Move

August 4th, 2015 | Posted by Naperville Leads Club in News & Updates | Organization

Feeling Queasy about Moving   (because you can’t take everything)?

3 Tips that Move Managers Know (That Anyone Can Use)!

Sort & Simplify: Planning a Move

  1. FOCUS first on what you’ll keep.
    Pick 10 favorite things that you will take with you. Mark each with your favorite color sticky note or garage sale sticker. If there are kids in the family, let each sticker their 10 favorites in their favorite color too.
  2. VISUALIZE where the favorites will go in the new place.
    Kids can draw pictures; adults can use a floor plan with actual furniture measurements. (A Senior Move Manager or Professional Home Organizer will do this for you!) Once people are sure their favorites will fit, all can breathe a little easier! When you know the first 10 items fit, you can go for the 2nd 10! Grade school age kids might like to make a photo album of their favorite things and of their friends as well.
    Choose a favorite charity or cause to donate what you don’t take with you, give to a friend or relative; or sell.  There are many places that can use your stuff if you start planning early enough. For example, besides Goodwill and the Salvation Army, there is a network of furniture banks that supply clean used furniture to the homeless, dress for success clothing banks and resources for teaching materials. Most libraries either take used books or will tell you of an organization that will accept them.  Many hospitals, religious and civic organizations have charity shops to support their services.
Sort & Simplify

Nancy Hopkins

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