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August 12th, 2015 | Posted by Naperville Leads Club in Health

Electromagnetic Fields affect your healthThere are over 5 billion operating cell phones on the planet. These phones exchange   signals with millions of cell phone towers. In your home, your favorite coffee shop, your local library and certainly in your office, you have WiFi.

You probably also have a sprinkling of other wireless technologies, like a cordless phone, a wireless baby monitor or alarm system, or maybe even a USB-powered device that give your cell phone web access, which as been referred to as a “cell phone tower in your pocket.” Our environment is loaded with wireless technologies and frequencies that they emit – and you’re being impacted whether you realize it or not.

Evidence is mounting that “electromagnetic loads” may lead to cancer, concentration problems, ADD, tinnitus, migraines, insomnia, arrhythmia, Parkinson’s and even back pain, among other health problems.

It is estimated that 3-8% of populations in developed countries experience serious electro-hypersensitivity symptoms, while 35 percent experience mild symptoms.

Even if you don’t use a cell phone and your home is wireless-free, you can be exposed to microwave radiation from your neighbor’s wireless devices or while visiting “hot spots” or traveling near cell phone towers. Now there is one way to help you reduce your exposure to ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs) as much as possible, and that is with a device called the R2L. The R2L is a small disc that you adhere to your cell phone, computer or iPad which converts radio frequency signals spikes into harmless light energy. And the disc is only $29.95. Affordable for the whole family.  To place your order  or for more information, please call 630-858-9900.

SARS Tested
Tested to FCC Standards
Made in the USA

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