About The Naperville Leads Club

How Can The Naperville Leads Club Help Your Business?

Naperville Women Leaders

  • Naperville Leads Club members can use your products and services.
  • Naperville Leads club members refer you to others who need your products and services.
  • You learn how to represent and promote your business more effectively.
  • Weekly meetings keep you in touch with your local business community.
  • Participate in regional and local networking events, mixers.

How Does It Work?

We meet on a regular basis to exchange quality business leads. At each weekly meeting, each member has two opportunities to give a 30 second promotional talk on their business. Weekly, three members speak in depth about their business or industry for ten minutes each.

Becoming A Member?

We welcome established business women who are interested in expanding their business connections and support the marketing efforts of our members through referrals. Please visit our meetings. Get to know us better.

Reserve your spot at our next meeting. Email us at: info@napervilleleadsclub.com and include your phone number, business category and any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you.